Centre for Alternative Education

We are passionately committed to transforming the lives of young people through our alternative education provisions in the following core subject areas (Accredited by ASDAN):

o   Crisis Management

o   Money Management

o   Event Management

We recognise young people as our corporate partners in learning and we are determined to use every available opportunity within our jurisdictions to bettering the lives of those who come to access our programmes by assisting them to achieve their full potentials through our robust educational, personal and social development opportunities for young people…

London School of Missions is profoundly prepared to offer developmental opportunities for young people who crave a sense of family, friendship or simply an opportunity to use their creativity and energy constructively.

Our centre will meet four major needs in the lives of the young people by creating the following opportunities:

  • Somewhere to go and learn…
  • Something to do…
  • Place to experience sense of belonging…
  • Someone to talk to…

Our Core Aim

To contribute to the positive image building process and wellbeing of young people and to be the important link to foster brighter future for the ones who have been excluded from the mainstream schools.


  1. To raise the level of attainment for excluded young people from the mainstream schools.
  1. To bring a practical curriculum that is relevant to their day to day living, such as crisis management, decision making skills, event management and money management.
  1. To create self belief and purpose for life focus.
  1. To create self esteem by providing them with positive image building programmes.

In anticipation to fulfil our core aim and objectives we also offer the following subjects to GCSE level:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Citizenship
  • ICT

Our encouraging word for young people today is for them to choose to be trained and mentored at


We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Courtesy of: Rev. A. Olupona. Director of Missions, London School of Missions. Mob: 079 4946 8506

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