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I am profoundly sure that everybody will quite agree with me that FAMILY concept is the bedrock upon which a strong community, society and country at large can stand and be erected as a result, the stronger families within a community becomes the stronger and peaceful such society will be. In the light of this, we believe that the healing medicine for our anti-social possessed society is in the “FAMILY INTERGRATION BELIEVE CONCEPT”.

In the recent time, our government took buoyant initiative step by introducing community cohesion programmes among her populace or citizens; what a brilliant initiative, but we must bear it in mind that without strong family integration among all and sundry of groups that make up the society such initiative will only create awareness rather than providing solutions to the existing problems that led to its conception in the first place…

With this idea of ours – “FAMILY INTEGRATION PROJECT”, we believe great government programmes like the one mentioned above – “COMMUNITY COHESION” will be enhanced with view of realising the essence of introducing or initiating it.

Method of delivering Family Integration Project:
• Identifying the importance of family integration with a society.
• Mentoring both married and unmarried couples in the area of family values and its effect on society.
• Giving continuous support to families that are on the verge of breaking or already broken.
• Resolving crisis in homes and families. In fact, our centre will be known as a family repairing centre or arena.
• Provision of mentors to carry out mentoring services in where such is needed in among families.
• Providing seminars from time to time for families on family issues.

Target Audience or Beneficiaries:
• All married and unmarried couples in our society.
• Adults preparing to enter into family hood.
• Divorced, separated and unhappy people in their marriages.

Financing the project:
We believe in investing our best into our society as a result, this project will be funded by our organisation – WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS (GLORY FILLED ASSEMBLY) TRUST and through generous donations from well-wishers and admirers of our project.

Employment opportunity:
This project will conveniently create massive employment opportunities to both professionals and non – professionals alike. As a result, unemployment rate that is on the increase will be reduced by this robust idea.

The overall view about this project is to bring families back to their loving and happy times as a result we will have more peaceful communities and people within our country.

I am sure we are the family therapist of our generation!

Note: This idea is initiated, pioneered and prepared by: Rev. A.A.T. OLUPONA, Senior Pastor, Glory Filled Assembly – an arm of “WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS

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