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Youth development is a process of mental, physical, social and emotional growth during which young people prepare to live a productive and satisfying life within the customs and regulations of their society. This curriculum will provide educational opportunities through which youth can learn information and develop skills they need.

What is a skill?

A skill is a learned ability to do something well. Life skills are abilities individuals can learn that will help them to be successful in living a productive and satisfying life. In our organisation we see the “YOUTH SERVICE” as deeply educational, in the sense that it should be helping young people become whatever it is in them to be.

The goal of our youth programme is to provide developmental opportunities for young people to experience life skills, to practice them until they are learned, and be able to use them as necessary throughout a lifetime.

There is not a complete agreement on the specific life skills needed by youth, or on a set of desired behaviours that ensure success in life. It is easier to identify the problem behaviours that occur when the youth do not reach the expected societal goals they have set their mind on achieving. In fact, the end result of their frustration could bring about violence on the street within our communities; hence the recent rampant youth killings by way of stabbing and shooting must especially in the LONDON metropolitan areas. To prevent and eradicate things like this from happening, hence this robust idea of having “YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE” through the delivery of youth orientation and empowerment scheme programme.

Cogent points of youth programme planning:

  • Assisting youth to meet their full potential through a positive approach to life skill development.
  • Supplying information and skill practice at the appropriate developmental level for the target audience.
  • Preparing specific learning objectives for life skill development that are measurable and achievable.
  • Completing an instructional plan that creates experiences based on experiential learning objective to achieve life skill development.
  • Pointing out observable and measurable indicators of change using these indicators to effectively assess programme impact in relation to the overall goal of the programme.

Our syllabus:

Youth work is an educative activity as have enunciated above that offers learning opportunities to support the personal and social development of young people.

Our syllabus or curriculum is the framework within which we undertake youth work. It has the following cogent elements:

  • Content: What we want young people that will be under this scheme to learn is how to identify their essence in life with view of making them goal orientated and the real achiever they should be in life.
  • Methodologies: The activities through which their learning takes place and the techniques and process (methodology) we use to foster and stimulate an expedient learning.
  • Assessment and Results: What is learned and how we check that learning has taken place. Our curriculum provides the parameter for the planning and delivery of our work with young people, the monitoring and evaluation of its success.

Breakdown of the curriculum:

  • CONTENT: The major learning objectives of youth work are centred on developing the following aspects in the targeted youth:
  • Self realisation and awareness.
  • A positive self image.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Relationship building.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Creativity
  • Future target and planning.

Within the above framework, youth work under the umbrella of WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS (GLORY FILLED ASSEMBLY) TRUSTcan be divided into the following key subject headings:

  • Education, employment and training.
  • Independent living and leaving home.
  • Sport, leisure and travel.
  • Family and relationships.
  • Health.
  • Global and international issues.
  • The environment and sustainability.
  • Diversity.
  • Religion.
  • Finance handling.
  • Methodologies: These themes provide a clear framework within which general issues currently affecting young people can be explored through youth work processes. Each of these themes is informed by the values of our knowledge, being the basis upon which this vision is anchored.
  • Young people choose to be involved, not least because they want to relax, meet friends and have positive fun
  • Equality of opportunity is at the centre of youth work.
  • Each young person has worth, value and potential; they want to see these being enhanced.
  • Young people are our corporate partners in learning.
  • Our work commences at the level of the young person and we respect their view of the world, their interests and their cultures.
  • Youth work should take young people beyond their starting point, encouraging them to be creative and critical.
  • Our work has a positive effect on young people, assisting them to achieve their full potential. The overall view in this regard is to serve as a mentor for them.
  • Our work is concerned with the feelings of young people, as well as their knowledge and skills.
  • Young people have both rights and responsibilities. Pragmatically, we will endeavour to make them understand this and teach them the proper manner of using it as well as getting them expediently involved.
  •  Ensuring the delivery of moral values with which young people will become well behave people in the society.
  •  Assessment and Results: With this concisely encoded and structured curriculum, we believe it will enable us achieve our inclining vision for the youth and subsequently meet the needs of young people within our communities by the virtue of using “MENTORING THE YOUTH CONCEPT”.

The overall view about this brilliant and robust idea is for our organisation – WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS (GLORY FILLED ASSEMBLY) TRUST to serve as a catalyst in the delivery of quality and achievable “CAREER DEVELOPMENT” for youth by way of helping them to identify, pursue and attain their potentials in life. Although, this is a pioneering endeavour and effort, we have the confidence that it will work and serve as a pace parameter for other ventures of its kind in the future.

Employment opportunity:

This project will conveniently create massive employment opportunities to both professionals and non-professionals alike. As a result, unemployment rate that is on the increase will be reduced by this robust idea.

Financing the project:

This project will be financed by the parent organisation – WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS (GLORY FILLED ASSEMBLY) TRUSTand through donations from well-wishers and admirers!

INCLINED SLOGAN: “Life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once” that is life is a matter of one chance. As a result, treasure your life and use it well!

Note: This brilliant proposal is initiated, pioneered and prepared by: Rev. A.A.T. OLUPONA, Senior Pastor, Glory Filled Assembly – an arm of WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS, LONDON.

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