Glory Filled Assembly – Tampa, Florida USA

How it all began?

While Rev. A. A. T. Olupona was a travelling evangelist/ missionary in the US, this stretched back to September 2006, when he was specifically invited by a group of Christian believers who had fellowship in Tampa, Florida and the message of God through him to this said fellowship was graciously received and loved by all and sundry in the fellowship; in view of this, he was entreated to stay and be their pastor, but Rev. Olupona said he hasn’t been told by God to do that because he will only adhere to the leading of God through His Holy Spirit; as a result, the idea of Rev. Olupona involving in Church planning in Tampa, Florida was discarded.

Over the years, he was been invited from time to time to minister to this  matured group of Christian believers and his preaching which revolves round: ‘Holiness and the need for every believer to live to please God‘ continue to touch the lives of these Christians; as a result, they continued to plead with him each time he comes from London to preach in Tampa, Florida to stay with them much longer, but he kept saying: ‘until he hears from God to do so,’ being the owner of His harvest.

But in February 2015, something happened, God expressly and clearly spoke to Rev. Olupona concerning the need for him to plan Church in Tampa, Florida which will truly reflect God in His totality and this was after almost 9 years of waiting on God, with view to knowing God’s perfect will for his people in Tampa, Florida.

In the light of the mandate which Rev. Olupona received, Glory Filled Assembly – the Church arm of: Way of Glory Missions was given birth to on Sunday, April 19th 2015.

Since the inception of GFA in Tampa, Florida; God has been so wonderful and faithful to His servant: Rev. Olupona and His Church.

Glory Filled Assembly, Tampa, Florida, USA:

GFA, Tampa is passionately committed to raising believers whose lives are filled with God’s glory and subsequently become people of thanksgiving in every dimension of life…

At GFA, Tampa, it’s our resolve that God created every individual to fulfil a peculiar destiny while sojourning through this temporary world; in view of this, we are clear with our method of approach by uniquely seeking to know God’s will for every individual that becomes part of the Glory Filled Family as well as empowering them towards the fulfilment of their life vision and purpose.

It’s our conscious saying that ‘innovation matters, it can start from you, so yield to the call of change today; remember, life is for a while, use your life to the fullness and accomplish divine purpose when you still have the privilege of living.’

Jesus Christ came to give us life and He has given it to us abundantly; as a result, we can boldly say that the grace to live a life of fulfilment is upon you… In the light of this, we have a vivid mandate at Glory Filled Assembly, Tampa to help all members achieve their God given vision through our inspirational teachings, Holy Spirit led mentoring programmes especially for the youth and glorious style of worship which brings God’s presence to His people…

We graciously encourage you to come and be part of this vibrant and Spirit filled Church…

Our Church is very much welcoming for every heaven conscious and God fearing Christian, so make every endeavour to worship with us in any of our services; as you come, your life will never remain the same again, you will surely experience transformation in every ramification of your life.

Our dedicated Pastor looks forward to seeing you coming to worship God with us in Spirit and truth soon.

Our service schedule:

* Sundays – Glorious Worship from
* Wednesdays
– Bible Study from 7.00pm for Digging Deep into God’s Word.
*  Fridays – Destiny Hour Prayer Meeting from 7.00pm
In addition: Christian Counselling, Marriage & Family Therapy Sessions are available by appointment.
Other events:
* Youth Mentoring Programme
* Glorious Children & Youth Service
* One to one passionate breakthrough prayers
* New believers’ class
* Periodic Inspirational Conferences
* Youth Empowerment Scheme
* Career Development opportunity for young professionals and many more…

Venue of Worship: 

Glory Filled Assembly,
4701 E. Busch Blvd,
Tampa, FL 33617, USA.

Call our Church Administrators on these numbers for more information:

(813) 892-1276
(813) 841-4130

(813) 220-0835

Contact Rev. A. Olupona:  (813) 598-5503

Surely, Christ in you the hope of glory!

Yours in Global Missions,

Rev. A. Olupona
The Founding Pastor, Glory Filled Assembly – The Church arm of: Way of Glory Missions

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