Mission Settlement Project

This is a Christ-filled project that God is passionately making to evolve through our mission oriented organisation: WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS and what this is all about in a compendium manner is “God’s vision for us to build and develop an area with all social amenities and tagged it ‘Mission Settlement’ where missionaries can stay while awaiting deployment and re-deployment to mission fields; where all Christian believers can come to have a solace experience with their creator – God Almighty through His Son, our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ; where unbelievers can come to find refuge…”

In this said Mission Settlement, there will be the following facilities by the grace of God:

· Chapel, a worship and prayer centre

· Mission training centre

· Mission hostels for missionaries

· Recreation centre

· Office and library facilities

· Primary and secondary education facilities

· Mission house for the resident pastor of the chapel…

The above enunciated vision is still at the initial stage, to bring it to actualisation, much supports and helps are needed from mission minded people around the world.

Should God be leading you to support this heavenly ordained project in any form or shape, please do not hesitate to contact our vision bearer in person of Rev. A. Olupona through our contact details on this website…

Thanks for praying with us for the full manifestation of this Christ-inclined vision and God bless you…

Surely CHRIST in you the hope of glory!

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