Christ-Centred Counselling

We are in an age that our Christ-inclined focuses are diminishing at a geometrical rate, hence God through His Son – Jesus Christ and by the power of His Holy Spirit has empowered us at: WAY OF GLORY MISSIONS to offer free of charge Christ-centred counselling to the general public who may be in the need of it.

Our counselling provisions cover all aspects of life as established by God’s Holy Word, the Bible…

Should you need Christ-centred counselling in any areas of your life, please pop in at our mission centre to see our God given Pastor in person of: Rev. A. Olupona, you do not need to be part of our Church: GLORY FILLED ASSEMBLY to access this opportunity…

We look forward to seeing you today because tomorrow may be too late, God bless you…

Surely CHRIST in you the hope of glory!

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