Message for the youth

Theme: Youth, the potential leaders of our land

Future leaders of our land, why would you allow devil to destroy the plans of GOD ALMIGHTY for your lives without being conscious of this. Devil doesn’t have any good plan for anybody whether young or old, his plan for humanity is to cause commotions in there midst, steal their hearts away from their God, destroy their destinies and kill them.

It must be known that all the lawlessness, vandalisms and killings through stabbing and shutting that are happening most especially among the youth of our land are caused by the devil, the father of all evil and confusions. Youth, please flee from Satan and all his satanic works as have mentioned above because our land deserves to enjoy peace and tranquillity which ALMIGHTY GOD has promised and made manifest through our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I would like all our youth to love one another and cease from carrying out assignments arranged by the devil. Please read the short message on GOD’S LOVE below:


God encourages us to love our brothers, sisters and everybody around us genuinely.

What is God’s love? God’s love is to have affection for something that gives pleasure to God!

God’s love can be described in these ways:

God’s love is patient, kind and never gives up.
God’s love is not jealous or boastful or proud or killing our fellow human beings through stabbing and shutting.
God’s love does not demand its own way but always ready to help others.
God’s love is not irritable and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.
God’s love never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.

There were two brothers in the bible who one of them did not show God’s love towards the other.

The names of these two brothers were Cain and Abel; their parents were Adam and Eve.

Abel loved and obeyed God, but Cain did not. Cain was angry and killed Abel.

This was very wrong and God was very sad.

The rest of Cain’s life was hard and difficult because he killed his brother.

Prayer: God help me to love my brothers, sisters and everybody around me, amen.

Bible reference: Genesis 4.

Note: If you do need prayers, please feel free to contact us through our details on this web.

Message by “HOLY SPIRIT” in the life of REVEREND A. OLUPONA – Pastor, Glory Filled Assembly, London UK.

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